Jan Vickers

Provides an opportunity to support others across Texas, America and Internationally through special projects and annual offerings - Mary Hill Davis for Texas Missions, Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Additionally, the church provides financial support to the following mission programs.

Ken de Koning:

Since 2008 De Koning Ministries has supported ministries and individuals in Suriname, Ghana, the USA and remote tribes in Africa.  Ken and Sibyl de Koning seek to reach people of all ages for Jesus Christ and give them direction and resources for victorious Christian living.  Along with preaching the word of god, De Koning Ministries also provides business raining for women through their women's ministry called BRASA, and marriage seminars.  De Koning Ministries places a strong emphasis on facilitating partnerships with other ministries in the local areas of operations.

Ken de Koning is the Senior Pastor at Waldron Road Baptist Church and is the founder and President of De Koning Ministries.  This non-profit organization reaches people for Christ and builds unity in the body.  Learn more about this ministry by visiting dekoningministries.com.

Tom Doyle:

Tom and JoAnn Doyle are definitely on the front lines of ministry today.  They are inspiring the Body of Christ to rise up and join the new great awakening among Jews and Muslims in the Middle East an in uncharted territories around the world.

They invest in gifted local leaders God has raised up to reach and disciple nations throughout the Middle East, central Asia and the Arab Gulf.  

While the media is obsessed with headline-grabbing bad news from the Middle East, the real story is:  more Muslims have come to faith in Christ in the last 10 years than in the last 14 centuries.  More Jews have come to embrace Jesus as Messiah in the last 20 years than in the last 2,000 years.  learn more about this ministry by visiting unchartedministries.com.

Don Babin

Don and Michelle Babin have been in full-time ministry for over 40 yeras.  They have served the Maasai tribe in East Africa for ten years.  The Babins have been blessed to see well over 120,00 people pray to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior in the past 40 years.  Their vision for Maasai is: Total Tribal Transformation!

The Maasai Tribe of East Africa, along with the Dorobo, Pokot, and Samburu tribes live in extremely remote locations of East Africa.  These are some of the most marginalized tribes in East Africa.

Don and Michelle believe it is God's vision to see these tribes transformed in their economuy, education, lifestyle, marriages, children, and spiritual destiny.  The only way to see this kind of transformation happen is for the Kingdom of God to be established in their communities.  Learn more about this ministry by visiting donbabin.com

For information about mission programs please contact Jan Vickers at 361-816-4698.